Singles Vacations

  • Make time for yourself by taking a singles vacation. A Centre Holidays travel agent can help plan your trip.
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Singles Vacations

Travelling by yourself is all about making time for the person we most often ignore. What you choose to do with that time... well that's entirely up to you. Maybe you'll find your bliss exploring ancient Mayan ruins, or making new friends at a local bar, enjoying a poolside tai chi class, or just relaxing on an immaculate sunny beach. With no one to distract you and no one else's schedule to worry about, you're completely free to seize the day, live in the moment, and reconnect with your oldest friend.

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Singles Vacation Resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean

In unforgettable locations, all our awe inspiring singles vacation resorts go that extra mile to welcome the single traveller. All of them offer a great variety of entertainment and activities day and night, including activities just for singles.